richly poetic

Musically Intimate

Saffron Noire was born out of a passion for dance, for poetry, and for the inherent musicality that connects these worlds. So many romantic images emerge from these faculties: an elegant pirouette; a violin's passionate vibrato; the sensual rhythm of a sonnet.

These musical images are fundamental to our design inspirations and serve as motifs throughout our jewellery, exemplified through bold silhouettes juxtaposed against delicate, sparkling movements, rich with original textures and iridescent hues.

superior quality

Fine Materials

Like any kind of love, we believe that jewellery should sparkle with qualities that will survive generations. Combining technical precision with romantic sentiment is at the frontline of our design ethos, and we are extremely passionate about conveying the intersection of artistic musicality and technical finesse through selecting materials of superior quality.

By offering gold-filled and solid gold styles, we wish to invite as many people as possible into our sparkling world of poetic musicality. For more details about our material selection, you may visit our pages about our gold and pearls and diamonds.

distinctly detailed

Creative Desires

We believe jewellery is a golden storyteller: it can invoke memories of rapturous laughter, inspire soft moments of introspection, recall fond stories from childhood, or reignite the butterflies felt during a romantic kiss.

Our design ethos is guided deeply by these poetic and musical narratives, which are interwoven into our pieces to inspire your loveliest desires. There is a delicate sensuality and beautiful empowerment within jewellery, often found in moments such as the quiet act of putting on a pair of earrings or the way a necklace beautifully reflects light as you move.

a musical love story

The Designer

Saffron Noire has been in development for years, but it’s been on my mind for over a decade. From romantic memories of being enchanted by the koto in Japan to experiencing mad rushes of euphoria while performing the violin on stage in Australia, I am in love with the world of music and its ability to catalyze our experiences and imprint a beautiful signature on our lives — our very own intimate love story.

Ever since I slipped into my first pair of ballroom dancing shoes at four years old, I have been enamoured by glamour. But glamour isn't reserved exclusively for special occasions or grand performances; every day is an occasion to wear a beautiful piece that makes you feel truly special. Just like how I adore the roaring bustles of jazz and the quiet intimacy of a romantic ballet, I love juxtaposing statement, vintage pieces with delicately classical elements to honour different musical personalities.

Saffron Noire was created to make you feel precious and powerful. It is the stage name I used when I performed in burlesque: a magnificently glamourous world marked by fearless sensuality and unapologetic joy. I want every wearer of Saffron Noire jewellery to feel how I felt on the burlesque stage: to find the hidden music in life's moments; to feel empowered to seduce yourself; and to fall in love with being beautifully unique.

— Brittany, Founder and Designer