pearls and diamonds

The Perfect Duet

All Saffron Noire pearl and diamond pieces are handcrafted individually and are designed to be worn for any occasion. When crafting your jewellery, we ensure to pay our upmost attention to its production and quality, combining technical precision with romantic sentiment. We are passionate about sourcing the world's finest materials when creating our jewellery.

creamy and luminous


Saffron Noire pearls are evaluated according to the universally standardized A-AAA grading system, with AAA being the highest grade and representing the top 2% of a pearl farm's annual yield. Saffron Noire only uses AA-AAA grade pearls which are sourced directly from the most prestigous pearl farms in the world including those in Thailand and Japan.

Subtle imperfections are part of a pearl’s genuine texture and are a testament of its original characteristics. These imperfections are the result of sea particles that drift into the oyster and brush against the pearl as it forms.

During our design process, we examine hundreds of pearls and handpick a small selection for their colour, shape, surface, and light-reflecting qualities to ensure only the highest quality are used for your jewellery.

twinkling and delicate


Diamonds are the hardest and clearest naturally occurring material found on earth, commonly found in jewellery for the special and beautiful ways in which they reflect light. All diamonds used in Saffron Noire jewellery are responsibly-sourced from our supplier in New York who is compliant with the Kimberley Process, an initiative that unites administrations, civil societies, and industries in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds.